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Masseur Facial coréen pour raffermir la peau, appareil de massage Facial à micro-courant galvanique, accessoire de raffermissement de la peau, à lumière rouge

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Port : shenzhen
Termes de paiement : L/C,T/T,Western Union
Capacité d'approvisionnement : 5000 Morceau/Morceaux par Week neck care device
Numéro de Type: ST-H309
Payment Term: T/T 30% Deposit
Charging time: 2 hours
Keywords: LED light therapy facial skin care device
Color: White/red/yellow
Material: ABS
Properties: Massager
Feature: Dolphin design
Function: Neck Wrinkle Remover
Type: Body Massager,Facial Massager
Point d'origine: Guangdong La Chine
Fonction: Physiothérapie infrarouge
Service après - vente: Support technique en ligne
Application: Corps
Marque nom: Ms.W
Certificate: CE ROHS
Détail d'emballage : Soin du cou appareil 1pc/boîte-cadeau, 30 pièces/CTN N.W./G.W.:8.95/10.5kg Taille de Carton: 41.8x43.8x38.5cm
Shenzhen Sist Technology Co., Ltd.
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Korean Face Massager - Galvanic Microcurrent Face Lift Machine - LED Red Light Therapy Facial Skin Tightening Device 


Below are our three patents for Light Therapy Facial Skin Tightening Device 

Apearance Patent No.: 201530379752.9
Utility model patent No.: 201520762709.5
Invention Patent No.: 201510791267.1


Product Description

About Light Therapy Facial Skin Tightening Device 

  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR NECK SKIN:Our device is elegantly shaped in dolphin tail form and its ergonomic designed is focused on your neck's skin care. Apart from the neck, the massage head is also appropriate for shoulders and other parts of the body. Increase your skin care product's effectiveness on all proper body parts.
  • 3 MASSAGING MODES:Select 1 of the 3 massaging modes of different vibration strength and skin care benefits. Energize your skin and maximize its absorbing powers, increase blood circulation, eliminate edema and wrinkles, magnetic light therapy help relaxing the neck line muscles and firming the skin, resulting smoother and silkier skin.
  • INTELLIGENT TIMING:Easily time your massaging routine so as not to exhaust your skin. Our device will remind you are 60 seconds so you can adjust the massage time for a beauty routine of appropriate duration.
  • HIGHLY PORTABLE:Our device is compact and weighs only 67g, making it really easy to pack it in your cosmetics bag and carry it anywhere. Don't leave your skin care at home when you travel, continue your beauty treatments wherever you go.
  • EASY USE, EASY CARE:Easy to hold and operate singlehandedly, you can use the neck care tool by Ms. W effortlessly. It will remain operational anywhere since it's easily powered via USB cable. Care for it by simply cleaning it with a damp cloth and keeping it in a cool and dry place.

Specification of Light Therapy Facial Skin Tightening Device 

Item code: ST-H309

Brand name: Ms.W

Unit Size: 88x57x113mm        
Unit weight:67g                          
Packing method:gift box +sponge
Packing contents: one neck care device + one USB recharging cable+a manual
Carton size:  41.8x43.8x38.5cm                                                                 
Power supply:USB charged  


Do you have following neck issues bothering you ?


neck issues


Or do you suffer pain from the neck/shoulder every day because of years of overwork,cellphone overuse or bad gestures at work ,etc ?

neck and shoulder pain.png


If yes, why not try MS.W neck care device ? Ms W neck care device that specializes in neck and shoulders with an effective patented function. Make your way to tighter, younger looking skin with a daily short massaging routine that will eliminate skin fatigue, wrinkles and toxins. It also has pain relief properties and can be used on pain area for pain relief.


remove wrinkles-309.jpg


Details of neck care device


details-neck 309.jpg


Three functions of neck care device


three functions-309.jpg


Using steps of neck care device


using steps.jpg


Available colors of neck care device


colors of 309.jpg


All sides of neck care device




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Company Information

company&trade.jpgour certificates.jpg 


Q: Are you Ms.W beauty care products manufacturer ?

A:  Yes, we are Ms.W beauty care products manufacturer.


Q: Do you manufacture products yourself?
A: yes, we manufacture products by ourself. we have our own R&D team and factory, we control all the design and producing procedures ourselves, so just send us inquiry, and we will do all the rest things for you.


Q: Do you own patents?
A: Yes, we own patents on all our products, so don’t worry, you won’t infringe any patents if you sell our products.


Q: Do you accept private label ? What’s the MOQ?
A: Yes, we accept private label, MOQ is 1000pcs for private label.


Q: What testing certificates do you have?
A: We have CE ,ROHS,IC,FCC certificates, we will also help to make any other testings if you need.


Q: Are you searching distributors and agents for your Ms.W beauty care products ?
A: Yes, we are, please contact our sales team for more details. We will protect and support you once you become our distributors and agents.

Q. Do you provide free samples ?
A:Yes, we provide free samples.



Q. What's your lead time ?

A: Our lead time is 25 days after confirming packing details.



Q. What's your Warranty for your beauty equipment ? 
A:Our Warranty is 1 year after shipment.




2017 Best Selling Products Dolphin Neck Care Device Neck Shoulder Massager to Remove Neck Wrinkles

2017 Best Selling Products Dolphin Neck Care Device Neck Shoulder Massager to Remove Neck Wrinkles

2017 Best Selling Products Dolphin Neck Care Device Neck Shoulder Massager to Remove Neck Wrinkles

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Mascret Wong

Contact: Mascret Wong


Tel: +86 755-2780 1955 EXT 8016

Mobile/WhatsApp:+86 137 6020 8875
Wechat:+86 137 6020 8875
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